Allen County Water Damage Restoration

The unthinkable has happened. Whether it was the result of a heavy storm or a plumbing problem, water has inundated your formerly high and dry abode or business. Although many property owners shrug these kinds of incidents off in the hopes that they can simply wait for their surroundings to dry themselves out, reality has far harsher outcomes in store. Failing to be proactive about remediating water damage could spell the end of your Allen County, Indiana, residential or business dreams.

Fans to limit water damage

At Paul Davis, we don't think that you should have to gamble on something so critical. With decades of experience helping local homeowners and businesses get their heads back above water after moisture damage events, our Allen County water damage restoration specialists are always ready to guide you in the right direction.

Why Water Damage Restoration Is Important

When water gets into building materials and spaces that weren't designed to accommodate it, it can cause a host of serious problems that jeopardize your health and send your property's value plummeting into the depths of no return. As the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification, or IICRC points out, water can intrude deep into cavities inside structures. Even if things look like they're dry, these areas can become full of moisture that sits in place for extended periods.

What happens when your home, office or retail space is hiding saturated building materials? The consequences can include everything from

  • Mold growths that spread all over your property and contribute to respiratory illnesses,
  • Warping and deformation that detract from the appearance of your building or even result in dangerous structural weaknesses,
  • Electrical shock hazards,
  • Reduced insulating ability that can increase the cost of heating or cooling your interiors, and
  • Persistent odors that make their way into furniture, clothing, carpets and other materials.

If you're like most people in Allen County, you'd rather not have to deal with such nightmarish risks. Expert assessment is the only way to ensure that you're not missing any problem areas that might come back to harm you later.

Our Solutions Are Grounded in Professional Know-how

The Paul Davis team offers comprehensive, cost-effective options for dealing with water damage no matter what caused it or how severe it is. As IICRC members, our reliable technicians are trained and certified to help you fight back against the ravages of water damage. We're proud to come to your aid with 24/7 emergency services, rapid inspections, in-depth damage assessments and unparalleled expertise.

We don't just help you determine the extent of the problem. When we discover potential issues, we provide comprehensive plans for restoring your property to its maximum healthy livability. Time is of the essence when you're dealing with water damage, and our high-powered extraction equipment, industrial dehumidifiers, top-to-bottom sanitation and air purification processes give you the power to get your life back together.

Need help with water damage restoration or a related insurance claim in Allen County? Call us to learn which steps you should take first.