Storms Can Wreck Homes and Lives

Protect your home from potential storm damage

Storm damage can be devastating to your home and property. While it’s not always possible to get through a stormy season without some level of loss, knowing what to expect can make these events easier to deal with and recover from.


Winds in excess of 50 miles per hour are considered “damaging” and can do a number on your home. At this strength, they may rip off roof shingles or carry large debris that causes window breakage and destruction of siding when it collides with your home. Trees uprooted by wind take down power lines, crush cars, and create other hazardous situations.


Anything that overflows during a storm, be it a river, pond, or lake, may carry water into your home. Water damage is some of the worst and hardest to deal with because it often serves as the catalyst for mold growth. Mold can appear within 24 hours of water exposure and spread to any damp area of the house.

If a lot of water floods into your home at once, the soil beneath your foundation may start to settle. This type of damage often manifests later on in the form of cracks in the walls or windows and doors that no longer shut properly. Foundation cracks let more water in over time, spurring further mold growth and contributing to instability as wooden supports begin to rot.


Severe thunderstorms often bring hail, and the bigger it is, the more destruction it leaves behind. Large hailstones damage all roof types whether by breaking shingles or leaving dents. Windows, skylights and other glass features of your home are susceptible to breakage during any storm that brings hail.


The most obvious danger from lighting during a storm is fire, but a strike that grounds itself through your house can completely fry your electrical system and anything attached to it. Lightning can also split trees which may then fall on your home, crushing anything in their path.

The most important thing to do when your property suffers storm damage is keep a level head. Do a careful inspection of your home and the surrounding area, being on the lookout for downed wires, flooded spaces, and broken glass. Unusual smells may indicate a gas leak. Once you’ve taken stock of the damage, call Paul Davis Restoration & Remodeling. Our storm damage restoration services are available every day around the clock so you can get back to your life as quickly as possible. We’ll work with your insurance company to reduce hassle and ensure a fast cleanup. Contact us today.