Are You Doing Enough to Clean Up After a Serious Storm?

Repairing storm damage in the wake of severe weather

Handle storm damage to your home the right way

Storm damage can range from minor and easy to repair to the kind of devastating loss that requires complete rebuilding. If your home is ravaged by bad weather, it’s important not to spend too much time assessing the damage. Starting repairs as soon as you can is the best way to prevent further problems.

Know the Type of Damage

The kind of damage you have to deal with after a storm depends on the type of storm that occurred. Winter storms bring heavy snow and coatings of ice that can pull down tree limbs and damage roofs. Thunderstorms may have hail, heavy rain, or high winds that can break glass, flood basements, and tear off roof shingles.

Understand the Extent

Some storm damage may be purely cosmetic in nature. This type of damage is easily dealt with and causes no additional problems. However, what seems superficial could really be more serious. As long as it’s safe to do so, you should give your home a thorough inspection inside and out, noting any areas with structural damage or flooding. While some issues may be obvious, others could require a professional assessment to determine the extent of the problem.

Take Preliminary Precautions

Take pictures as you assess the house so you have documentation to show the insurance company. Once that’s done, secure any holes to prevent leaks and other additional damage. Seal windows off with plastic if necessary, cover bare areas on the roof, and use plywood or plastic sheeting to secure walls. If you can’t move back into the house immediately, take valuables with you to avoid the possibility of theft.

Get It Cleaned and Fixed

It’s obvious that big messes from storms need to be cleaned up right away, but even small amounts of damage can cause problems if left alone for too long. Cracks lead to leaks which in turn encourage the growth of mold. Small openings in the foundation can let water into the basement, potentially ruining belongings. Familiarize yourself with your homeowner’s insurance policy before researching contractors in the area. Never accept offers for repairs from strangers who turn up on the scene; they’re more interested in your money than your well-being.

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