10 Tips for Preventing Home Fires Before They Start

Are you at risk for a house fire?

According to the National Fire Protection, over 1,000 house fires occur every day in the United States. Heating equipment, kitchen appliances, and tobacco products trigger the majority of residential blazes. In light of that harrowing statistic, it’s crucial to thoroughly inspect your home for fire hazards and learn techniques that help minimize the risk.


1. Watch your kitchen appliances closely and be sure to remain in the kitchen while using broilers or grills. Finish cooking and shut off all appliances before you depart.

2. When you turn on a stove or oven, always use the timer. This ensures that you’ll remember to remove the food when it’s done. If possible, set the appliance to automatically turn itself off.

3. Don’t forget to switch off cooking equipment when an electrical outage occurs. If the utility restores power after you leave home or fall asleep, an appliance could cook the food until it ignites.


4. Consider installing an arc-fault circuit interrupter. This device often prevents dangerous electrical fires. Indiana is the only state that doesn’t require it in new homes.

5. Exercise caution when using outlet splitters or power strips. Don’t connect more than one high-wattage machine to the same outlet. Such devices include heaters, air conditioners, and cooking appliances.


6. Avoid smoking indoors, especially when you drink alcoholic beverages or feel drowsy. The NFPA warns that tobacco products trigger almost 3,600 U.S. home fires in an average year.


7. If you own a clothes dryer, take the time to regularly clean its vent. A fire may occur after lint accumulates and the vent becomes clogged.

8. Hire a professional to examine and sweep your chimney. It’s best to inspect pipe seams, flue pipes, and other components every year, according to the city of New Castle, Ind.


9. Keep all flammable objects at least 36 inches away from space heaters, and avoid using this equipment while you sleep. These devices cause one out of three heating-related blazes.

10. If your home has a furnace or boiler, confirm that the emergency shut-off switch works correctly. Your entire family should know how to find this switch and when to use it.

These safety precautions could prevent thousands of house fires each year. At the same time, it’s impossible to stop every blaze from happening. Homeowners can expedite the recovery process by contacting Paul Davis Restoration & Remodeling. Our experienced technicians in northeast Indiana know how to fully recondition homes with fire damage.

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