Your 5-Step Recovery Plan for Severe Smoke Damage

After a house fire, you want life to go back to normal as quickly as possible. Before you can return to your daily routine, you need to assess the damage and clean up the mess. Damage from smoke alone may include soot stains, charring, bubbling, blistering, and unpleasant odors. Follow these steps to remove damage from your home and return it to its former state.

Get Started Right Away

The longer you wait to start cleaning up, the harder it will be to correct smoke damage. As soon as you get the all clear from the fire department that it’s safe to re-enter your home, get in there and start opening windows to ventilate. Take a look at the damage as you go from room to room so you understand what the cleaning process is going to involve.

Use the Right Equipment

To address smoke damage, you’ll need rubber gloves, a face mask, protective eyewear, cleaning cloths, and an outfit you don’t mind getting dirty. You should also have a vacuum cleaner, deodorizing spray, dish detergent, and a trisodium phosphate cleaner on hand. TSP can be found at your local hardware store.

Clear Out the Soot

Soot accumulates in more than just the places you can see. To thoroughly clean, you need to:

• Change the filters in your furnace and air conditioner

• Wash the walls with a mixture of TSP and warm water

• Individually clean copper and brass items

• Vacuum loose soot by holding the hose slightly above the surface to avoid driving dirt into rugs and upholstery

Items that are extensively damaged may need to be thrown away if they can’t be professionally cleaned.

Do the Laundry

Gather up all the clothing, bedding, and other loose linens that have been exposed to smoke and soak them overnight in a mixture of one cup dish detergent and one gallon warm water. Pop them in the washing machine the next day. Alternatively, you can take linens to a professional cleaner.

Call a Professional

If you encounter troublesome stains or smells, let someone else come in and clean up for you. Furniture will likely need a professional treatment, as will carpets and some other fabrics. You have enough to deal with in the aftermath of a fire without having to worry about dealing with smoke damage. Contact us at Paul Davis Restoration & Remodeling to take care of this dirty problem. Our professional staff is fully prepared to handle cleanup, restoration and reconstruction to return your home to its former beauty. With Paul Davis on the job, you can relax knowing that your home is in good hands.