How to File Indiana Storm Damage Reports

Oak Tree Crushing a House

When it comes to dealing with the aftermath of a strong storm, what you do in the days after disaster strikes can make all the difference. While getting back to safety is a priority, reporting storm damage should be the next step on your to-do list. As a victim of a natural disaster, many useful resources are at your fingertips, from quicker insurance payouts to free safety and efficiency checks from your utility providers. Below is your handy starter guide for where, when and how to reach out.

Insurance Company

Although terms on individual policies can vary quite a bit, there’s a very good chance that your standard home insurance plan will cover a large chunk of your restoration expenses. The faster you file your claim, the easier it should be to prove the extent of the damage and collect your compensation. Plus, since you need to know exactly what your policy will pay, getting the insurance process underway as soon as possible is helpful for planning the scheduling and budgeting of your repairs.

In the meantime, you can read up on what to expect from your insurance company in the weeks ahead here.


Just because you have initial clearance to stay at home doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t get your utility companies involved in the restoration process. Your house may be safe overall, but storms can cause a number of other problems that aren’t always visible to the naked eye, like hidden leaks and faulty wiring.

Although you’ll probably need to hire independent contractors to get everything back up and running, scheduling storm damage inspections with your utility providers is a good way to both confirm safety and find potential energy drainers before they hit your bank account.


Getting your home on television isn’t the only perk to contacting the local media. If you’re struggling with any aspect of rebuilding, whether it’s getting fairly compensated by your insurance company or locating a contractor who took off with your money, putting your story on the air is a great way to find help fast.

The next time a big storm rolls around, consider also filing a digital storm report with Indiana’s branch of the National Weather Service. It may not do much to stop the immediate threat to your home, but it can help alert your neighbors and improve the accuracy of future forecasts – something that can ultimately be very helpful for storm preparation.

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