5 Steps: Remodeling After a House Fire

Unfortunately, fire damage and smoke damage go hand in hand

House fires are serious business, and if you’ve just lived through one for the first time, you know how hard the road to remodeling looks. From smoke damage to structural ruin to financing, there are a lot of things to cover in the days after the embers die out. The good news is that with a lot of hard work and a little help from professionals, it’s possible to fully recover from disaster and even turn it into an opportunity to build your dream home. Here are the five tips you need to know to get started:

1. Get Your Insurance Agent on the Line

The majority of home insurance plans cover house fires, but because of the complex nature of assessing disaster damage, financial help can be slow. The sooner you call, the faster you can begin the restoration process.

In the meantime, be careful when talking to public adjusters and anyone else who offers you unsolicited deals on remodeling. After your insurance agent gives you a rundown of your options, you’ll have a much better idea of where to look for help.

2. Separate the Saved From the Lost

Your insurance agent will need to get an inventory of items that were damaged beyond repair. Plus, organizing everything involved in the fire into two simple lists will make it easier to plan restoration and prioritize replacements.

3. Make Time for Your Insurer’s Investigation

While filling out paperwork, meeting for appointments and returning frequent calls can feel overwhelming when you already have so much on your plate, communicating with your insurance company throughout the investigation process will help you maximize and speed up reimbursement.

4. Find the Right Temporary Housing

If your home was severely damaged, chances are that you’ll need to stay someplace else, at least in the beginning stages of restoration. Hotel rooms, the traditional go-to for displaced homeowners, can be expensive and not very convenient. Staying with friends or family would likely be the most affordable option, but if you want all the comforts of home while you wait, consider use an online booking service such as HomeAway or Airbnb to find a short-term vacation rental instead.

5. Hire Experienced Contractors

There’s so much more to house fires than lost property. The first sparks start a chain reaction that affects everything from plumbing to electrics. Working with a professional crew is the best way to get damaged home systems back up quickly and safely. To take stress and extra expenses out of the equation, screen your team for licensing, experience and reputation.

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