How Water Damage Introduces Bacteria to a Home

Many different problems can cause unwanted water to enter Indiana homes. The Hoosier State’s thunderstorms and considerable rainfall increase the risk of leakage. Missing shingles, deteriorating windows or clogged gutters may help moisture infiltrate a building. This kind of damage can also occur when plumbing or appliances fail. Either way, leaks have the potential to ruin building materials and create ideal fungus habitats. If you don’t remove mold quickly and banish sources of moisture, your health could suffer due to this substance and the bacteria it harbors.

How it Grows

Mold spores float through outdoor air and frequently enter homes. It’s not realistically possible to keep these tiny seeds out of a building. They’re too small to see and exist in huge numbers. The spores usually don’t cause problems unless parts of your home remain moist for long periods of time. When a spore lands in stagnant water, mold begins to form. It sometimes appears on visible surfaces, such as the counter next to a leaky faucet. However, the fungus may remain hidden if it develops inside damaged walls or flooring.

Medical Concerns

Even when mold stays out of view, it can seriously harm your health. It causes lung problems and triggers allergic reactions in some individuals. People with mold allergies may find it impossible to live in homes that have sustained severe water damage. They might develop itchy rashes and sneeze frequently. Most individuals experience skin or eye irritations when exposed to the air in buildings with substantial quantities of mold. Some health conditions may be triggered by the bacteria associated with this fungus.

Bacteria Problems

A recent University of Cincinnati study found that mold introduces certain types of bacteria into homes. They include Mycobacterium and Stenotrophomonas, according to Science Daily. It’s possible to inhale these microorganisms in any building with moldy surfaces. If this bacteria invades your house, you could develop an infection. It also appears to increase the likelihood that people will suffer from allergies or asthma. Children face the greatest health hazards. Homeowners can only prevent these ailments by repairing water damage immediately. It’s crucial to dry affected areas and eliminate leaks within a couple of days. Indiana residents usually achieve the best results when remediation occurs in less than 24 hours.

If a storm or plumbing disaster causes water damage in your home, call a professional as soon as possible. Paul Davis Restoration & Remodeling has the right expertise and tools to prevent mold problems. We have over 45 years of experience in repairing damaged structures. Our skilled workers respond quickly and use powerful equipment to fully dry all surfaces. We deliver long-term solutions by addressing the source of each moisture problem. To set up a service call or request further details, please contact us today.