Top Tips for Removing Mildew Odors from Home

In the aftermath of a flood or other water- or moisture-related mishap, mildew odors often linger. Everything may look spic and span, but that telltale scent remains. Needless to say, cleaning and restoration work can’t be considered complete until the premises not only look clean and dry but smell that way too. If you’re still detecting mildew odors long after the area has been thoroughly dried, you have a little more work to do. Fortunately, however, removing mildew odors from a home once and for all isn’t too difficult. Keep these tips in mind to help your home smell as good as it looks after flooding or other damage:

Thoroughly Clean the Affected Area – Mildew odors originate in some pretty surprising places. Often, objects in the affected area are to blame. Old cardboard and paper, in particular, tend to hold onto and emit these odors, so throw away any that you find. Fabrics should be thoroughly washed or thrown out. Upholstered items can sometimes be salvaged, but they might just as well be thrown away too. From there, use a mixture of bleach and hot water to scour the area, and allow it to dry. Finally, open windows and run fans to promote ventilation.

Use Odor Absorbers – Odor-absorbing products work wonders when mildew scents remain. There’s no need to spend a fortune on them. A tray of clean cat litter should do the trick, but make sure to replace it every two weeks or so. Charcoal briquettes can be placed in an old coffee can to absorb moisture and odors; replace them every month or so. Finally, baking soda is a tried-and-true way to absorb and eliminate nasty odors. Just open a few boxes in the affected area, and replace them every few months.

Prevent a Recurrence – Even after carefully following the steps above, mildew odors may creep back. Ward this off by consistently and thoroughly cleaning the area again as described. Further, ensure the area is properly ventilated, and take advantage of nice days by opening windows to allow fresh air into the home.

Run a Dehumidifier or Ionizer – If the affected area is prone to moisture, mildew odors may stubbornly persist. Keep it fresh and odor-free by investing in a decent dehumidifier or ionizer. The former removes moisture from the air to keep humidity levels in check; the latter removes damp ions from the air for similar results.

Don’t resign yourself to living in a home that is plagued by the smell of mildew. The above tips should rid you of the issue once and for all. If you still have water-damaged areas in the home and are located in northeast Indiana, Paul Davis can help. Learn more by visiting our website today.