The Top 7 Ways House Fires Start

Your home is the place that keeps you safe and sheltered, so it can be frightening to think about a fire starting in your comfortable haven. However, the National Fire Protection Association reported that there were almost 500,000 building fires in 2014, and a fire was called in every 86 seconds. Find out the most common causes of house fires, and learn what you can do to prevent them.


Smoking is the primary cause of deaths from fires. The embers from a burning cigarette may come into contact with sheets, curtains, furniture and clothing, sending them up in flames. Smoke outside if you can’t kick the habit, and make sure that you completely extinguish your cigarettes, cigars and pipes.


Cooking is the most common source of house fires in the country. Cooking fires are usually a result of something being placed too close to a heat source on the stove and catching fire. Keep dishrags and pot holders away from your stove and oven, and store a fire extinguisher in the kitchen to prevent cooking fires from making your home a statistic.


The second most common cause of house fires and fire-related deaths, heating fires are usually caused by portable heaters. Don’t use a space heater near combustible materials, while you’re sleeping or when you’re not home.


Electrical fires can be generated when light bulbs are installed in lamps that cannot withstand the bulb wattage. Faulty wiring or plugs can also lead to electrical fires. Never tamper with a plug or electrical socket, and don’t use extension cords as a permanent solution. If you need additional outlets, have them installed by a professional.


Although fireplaces can be cozy, they can also be dangerous. Most fireplace blazes start because the chimney is not properly cleaned and maintained. Make sure that you open the flue before lighting the logs in your fireplace and have your chimney serviced regularly. Don’t use your fireplace for cooking, and don’t leave a fire unattended.


Your dryer could catch fire if it malfunctions, is not properly cleaned or is subject to an electrical problem. Keep your appliances safe by having them installed by an expert. Clean out your lint filter with each use and your vent pipe at least once a year. Make sure that lint doesn’t collect behind, under or around your dryer.


You’ve probably heard it before; candles are a major contributor to house fires. After you have set the mood, blow out the candles. Never place a candle on an unstable surface or near flammable materials.

If you’ve been unfortunate enough to experience a house fire, dealing with the aftermath can be stressful. Let Paul Davis restore your home to the sanctuary that it once was.