After the Disaster: Restore and Remodel

If your Fort Wayne home has been damaged by water, fire or smoke, you’ll need professional help. Home disasters are traumatic events that you shouldn’t try to fix yourself. Fortunately, home restoration specialists like Paul Davis can help you get your life back on track. The sooner you call for help, the easier it will be to correct the problem. Without prompt professional treatment, the situation will rapidly get worse.

From Home Disaster To Home Restoration To Home Improvement

Most of us have visions of what we would like to change in our homes if given the opportunity. A home disaster can be a stepping stone to making those changes. While your home is in the process of restoration, take some time to consider whether this would be a good time to implement one or more of your home remodel ideas.

Benefits Of Remodeling After A Home Disaster

Focusing on a home improvement project instead of on water damage, fire damage or smoke damage is a great way to recharge your spirit and turn your lemons into lemonade. Consider all the things you’ve been wanting to change in your Northeast Indiana home but kept putting off because of the disruption and inconvenience involved. Here are just a few good reasons to implement those home improvement ideas now instead of later:

  1. Starting a home remodel project after a disaster won’t make the chaos any worse.
  1. Upgrading your property with energy-efficient improvements can save you big money in the long run.
  2. You can perform the residential repair work you’ve been putting off without causing additional disruption.
  1. You’ll have water, flood, fire or other insurance money to work with.

Combine The Home Reconstruction Process With The Home Remodeling Process

If you decide to remodel your home after a disaster, it helps to have just one reputable contractor handling both projects. At Paul Davis, we can help you to clarify the home improvements you wish to make and to incorporate those improvements into the home restoration process. We can provide total project management services from initial consultation to finished product. We will work within your budget to turn your home improvement dream into a reality.

Why Paul Davis?

The team at Paul Davis has been helping Northeastern Indiana property owners to clean up after water damage, fire damage and smoke damage for almost 25 years. Because we are a local franchise, we have the advantage of being close to your home while also having access to the resources of over 300 Paul Davis locations nationwide.

The Paul Davis Difference 

We are experts in loss management and have been certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). Your home emergency will be resolved efficiently and effectively. With over 260 years of combined experience in residential and commercial property restoration, we can consistently deliver excellent results in accordance with the highest industry standards.

Want to learn more about transforming a damaged Fort Wayne residence into a new and improved home? Visit the Paul Davis homepage or contact us directly for more information.