Top Tech and Tools For Restoration

Home disasters are more common than you may think. In fact, more than 501,000 structure fires were reported in 2015, resulting in nearly $10.5 billion in property damage. A house fire causes more than physical damage; it also causes emotional damage as homeowners sometimes lose everything that they’ve built over the years. With our cutting-edge restoration technologies, we can help you pick up the pieces and restore your home to good health.

Paul Davis Restoration Technologies

Because modern construction materials burn hotter and faster, you may only have three minutes to get out of your home before the flames spread and engulf the interior. Even if firefighters arrive in time, a fire will create widespread damage in just a few minutes. Smoke, an acidic byproduct, corrodes and stains surfaces throughout the home. In addition, the steps that are used to stop the fire can cause more damage than both the fire and the smoke combined.

Paul Davis takes all these factors into account and has created effective fire restoration technologies to recover, reconstruct and restore your home no matter how much damage has occurred.

Advanced Washing Systems

Our affordable yet successful washing systems consists of environmentally friendly detergents for cleaning and restoring clothing, bedding, shoes and other soft contents and textiles. This system also salvages items that could not have been restored using other methods such as dry cleaning.

Water Damage Assessment and Monitoring

We helped pave the way for MICA, a web-based application that’s used in monitoring, repairing and settling water damage claims. It accurately collects data during the drying phase, giving insurance clients a way to access the information at any time. This useful application not only reduces the cycle time but also decreases the costs when settling water damage claims.

Thermal Imaging Technology

What you can’t may cause the most damage. Our thermal imaging technology allows us to check for water intrusion without the need to cut through drywall or to tear up the carpeting. It’s a cost-effective and time-saving tool, which also gives us a way to show evidence of the problem and to ensure validation after we’ve completed the repairs.

Paul Davis: Professional Restoration Services

When Paul Davis technicians arrive on the scene, you can rest assured that everything will be taken care of from the beginning to the end. We not only take care of fire, smoke and water damage but also help with claims while providing the very best service possible. Contact us now to learn more.