4 Tips to Protect Your Home from a Flooding Disaster

A significant flooding event in your area can bring destruction to your home. Rising floodwaters can sweep through your home, destroying your possessions and damaging your home’s structure. Although making your home immune to flooding isn’t possible, there are ways to minimize the damage from a catastrophic event.

Retrofit Your Home

Making some structural changes to your house can protect it during a flood. Some homeowners who live in areas with high flooding risks choose to elevate their homes onto columns. However, a task of this magnitude can cost you significantly. Other options including installing vents in your foundation. These vents allow water to flow through the foundation instead of rising up through your home. Sealing your home’s exterior by applying special coatings to the walls can also minimize flooding damage.

Keep Your Roof in Good Condition

Your roof is an essential part of your home’s structure; failure to keep it in good shape can increase the damage your home bears during a major storm. Check your roof for issues regularly, and have a professional roofing team fix problems promptly. Make sure that your home’s gutters are installed properly as well. Don’t forget to keep your gutters clear of debris.

Protect Major Appliances

Elevating your home’s appliances above the flood level can prevent the need to replace the appliances after a flood. Even a one-foot elevation can give your appliances protection from all but the most catastrophic floods. Cinder blocks can serve as a temporary pedestal, but you may want to build a permanent solution in the future.

Use Water Alarms

Placing water alarms around your home can immediately alert you to a flooding issue. To effectively protect your home, place water alarms near sources of water, such as by your water heater and the bathroom plumbing. Put several in your basement so that you’ll know if flood waters have entered your home during a storm.

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