Fire Restoration Technology Helps Life Get Back To Normal After A Fire

Once you know your loved ones are safe and sound, the first thought likely on your mind after you’ve suffered smoke or fire damage to your home is, “how can life get back to normal?”

In order for this to happen, it can take multiple trips from estimators who spend hours reviewing and documenting every square inch of your home before your insurance company gets involved.

But Paul Davis recently adopted a state-of-the-art piece of technology that speeds up this process: the Matterport Pro 3D Camera.

“We cover such a large territory in the greater Fort Wayne area that we would have our estimators spend eight hours of their day in a car just bouncing between two job sites, depending on the distance,” said Robert Sterling, a project manager/estimator who is spearheading the use of the Matterport Pro 3D Camera at Paul Davis. “The Matterport actually allows us to take the people with the knowledge and put them behind the computer and get them away from their windshields.”

Now, technicians are able to go to each site, set up the Matterport Pro 3D Camera and, in roughly an hour, have an interactive 3D video that documents the entirety of a home or building. This allows estimators to then walk through the home with the click of a mouse and label areas that were damaged by fire or smoke.

An Expedited Process

For Paul Davis, estimations that once took 48 to 72 hours can now be completed in less than a day. Additionally, it minimizes mistakes because now if an estimator wants to double check a measurement or grab a picture of a particular wall, it can be done from their computer screen as opposed to spending hours in the car for a couple minutes of actual work.

Because the Matterport utilizes a 4K camera, there’s almost no pixilation when zooming in on a wall or another damaged portion of the house. This allows the estimator to still get up close and personal with any space.

Better yet, this information can be shared easily.

“I can share the link with you,” Sterling said. “Let's just say you're the insurance adjuster, you pull measurements from that app. Let's say if you wanted to verify a cabinet's linear footage or damage to drywall, but then with everybody working remotely, it's kind of hard to tell a story without sitting there with them.

“With this, you can actually put in notes called Mattertags. I can tell you, ‘hey, go to the living room and click on that Mattertag on the wall. I put in a description of what needs to be done.’ That way you can zoom in on it and all of the information is right there.”

The Matterport software can also develop floor plans in a matter of minutes—a task that once took hours to complete.

Less Person-To-Person Contact During the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought on a number of challenges to United States businesses, which now need to accomplish more tasks than ever while also practicing social distancing. This can be difficult, but with the Matterport 3D Camera, estimators typically only need to spend an hour at your home.

“It allows for fewer people and limited touches,” Sterling said. “The homeowner doesn't necessarily have to be home if they don't want to be. Then instead of having the homeowner, the adjuster and a couple other people on the job site together, you have one person.”

This keeps the homeowner and Paul Davis employees safer and, overall, can help limit the spread of the virus.

In Need of a Fire Restoration Specialist?

The aftermath of a house or building fire is a stressful time. Emergency Services experts like Robert Sterling of Paul Davis of Northeast Indiana will be there for you after a fire to your home or business, helping to restore your property and your life back to normal.

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